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punch the clock. cut the cloth. chew the fat. shoot the shit. wrap it up. keep it moving. make moves. make it happen. smell the fear. take it back. listen up. shut down. push forward. pull back. shift gears. kick back. step up. pay your tab. tighten up. let loose. test the waters. go with gut. walk on eggs. step on toes. bite your tongue. push the button. ride the wave. spill the beans. set it free. think big. get involved. get in touch. drink up. spit it out. spread the word. make the bed. walk the talk. draw the line. read between the lines. color outside the lines. squeeze every last bit. let the water run dry. replace one worry with another. bend over backwards. count your blessings. keep your eye on the prize. dance with two left feet. sing louder when you don't know the words. bang your head against the sky. meet your maker and reschedule your appointment. place a ladder towards the light. buy a one-size-fits-all-prayer. handout hand-me-downs. put your foot down. make a bucket list. make the last call. have the last word. stick to your guns. sublet your soul. don't look back. laugh out loud. build a nest. say a mouthful. let it be known. keep it simple. get out of there. get replaced. get in tune. get in sync. be good. be easy. be safe. say bye. let it be. let go. disconnect. recognize. analyze. realize. scream. spit. fuck. clean. release. lather. rinse. repeat. forget. believe. bounce. merk. boogie. dip. leave. ride. split, and simply...just be.

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