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// MUSIC //

Rudi Goblen

-In a genre known for quick and fast, from an area known for party and vapid, comes something original and tender, almost emotive, even in its mixed mashes of cyber sounds and electronic flare. A master lyricist and poet now places his hands firmly on something earthy, something that feels like home while using interstellar tools. This seems like a beginning of something beautiful for Mr. Goblen, a reach beyond what we thought we knew of performance, music, and mood into the unknown. Happy to wait and see what's next.



-Miami based producer, Rudi Goblen released his latest Ep, "Untitled". Funky synth basses and Rhodes chords set the tone for glitches, crispy bright noise and spiraling spaced-out horns to take you to another world. While the drums remain fairly simple underneath this blend of organic visions, "Untitled" moves through plenty of variations to keep a delicious taste, and provide a totally new experience for hungry ears.


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