insanity isn't

fair welling



–Rudi is a multi-talented artist who draws inspiration from both his cultural identity and a lifetime of dedication to pursuing – body and soul – all genres of dance, music and visual art.  As such, he is a leader in a new generation of artists who embodies a truly contemporary aesthetic.  His work is a powerful and authentic representation of what it is to be a multi-disciplinary generative artist - a fresh voice that represents the hybrid cultures that make up our contemporary society.  

–The arts community of South Florida is fortunate to have an artist of the skill and humility of Rudi Goblen in its midst. His dedication to the art of performance, dance, hip-hop, music sampling, and human research have always served many other artists as an endless source of inspiration. He is a true hybrid artist that can float from the stage, into a think tank, to a performance installation at a gallery, nightclub to classroom in a University or homeless shelter with great care and ease.

–His poems pierce the veil in a different way – revealing the crazy behind the normal, and the constant longing for love."

–His writing combines a sharp awareness of pop and hip-hop culture with a blunt,

even startling emotional honesty that’s sometimes humorous, sometimes devastating.

–A permanent fixture in Miami’s performance arts scene.

–Leaping into the unknown each time, nailing his landing with talent and hard work.

–Cordially interactive & comically insane.

–Purely making dance out of poetry.

–Worthy of Chaplin.